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11-17-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by BudMovin View Post
Your dancing around the facts with random references and if you want to use any stat out of the NBA use height...Height is one of the characteristics that is looked at upon evaluating a prospect. So is natural build, so is skating ability, so is vision, so is release, ect. Sure you can work on those to make them better, but some people are just born with an advantage in those departments. Scouts look for height in a prospect just as they look for those other traits. It's not an end all benchmark for how a prospect will do, but it sure looks like teams look for the trait of being vertically blessed in their defensemen more often than not.

If you notice they keep referencing each prospect's height in the description, almost as if it means something. You can argue all you want that height doesn't contribute to how a player is evaluated in his total package. It is in fact a variable and it is a variable that is looked upon in a positive light.

I'm not going to argue this any further.

Get back to me when hockey is a vertical sport. Newsflash: height is also a big factor for high jumpers.

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