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11-17-2012, 10:22 AM
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I began watching the game during the 1978-79 season, so I got to fully enjoy the 1980s era. Like others here, I prefer the high scoring of that time to the dead puck, marathon soccer matches that the game later develoved into. I also like that there were still a number of guys who continued to play without helmets then. Reporters back then would often make remarks about how stupid players like Guy Lafleur and Rod Langway and Al Secord and others like that were for not wearing helmets. Flash forward all these years later and the news media's credibility is shattered on that front with ones like Crosby et al out for extended periods of time because of head and neck injury problems. Oddly enough, the French RDS channel has been showing Habs-Nordiques games from that era and last night was Vendredi Saint 1984. Certainly there are the obvious things to remember from that game in particular but one thing I noticed was the organ music from that time. I hope I am not being silly by pointing this out, but does anybody else here remember that as well and find the organ music preferable? Nowadays, the garbage that is blasted at games makes the whole thing even more big and stupid and overproduced than it already is. The Quebec Colisee organist was also good if my memory serves me well. Any thoughts on this?

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