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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
I gotta ask you, do YOU pay attention? Do YOU know who Donald Fehr is and what he has been a part of before being begged and pleaded to by the PA? If you're going to come at people with patronizing questions, as you've been doing for years, you better be able to take it too. The PA went from the second PA director in pro-sports to lose a post-season, to the first. Clear message that they want a guy who won't blink when being stared down.
it was Paul Kelly, a moderate who was first voted in by the players as the new director of the PA,post Goodenow.

Kelly was deposed in a middle of the night coup by a few malcontents, Goodenow hardliners and others.
. That led to an unfathomable string of events: players with union connections conspiring to undermine Kelly, union lawyers gaming to get control, longtime union reps exiled, and former auto union boss Buzz Hargrove making an alleged power grab for the throne and replacing Eric Lindros as Ombudsman in March 2009. (Lindros was said to be leading the "get Kelly movement," which according to some was an egregious breach of his duties.)

After that coup was completed in a rush job in the middle of the night while most PA members were sleeping they looked for a new director. It seems that Fehr did not require a lot of persuasion.

The committee members seem to want former Major League Baseball players union boss Donald Fehr, who has been acting as an unpaid advisor for nearly a year. Fehr is at least hinting at interest -- so much interest that critics of his role with hockey are pointing at the fact that he was a principal advisor on the new constitution with an eye on making certain that it's bulletproof regarding the needs of a new boss taking his charges into negotiations for a CBA that will replace the one that expires in two years. Fehr is also advising on the search for a new director, an odd role when one is also said to be on the short list of candidates for the job.

Fehr is 61 and has indicated that he has the drive for one more go-round with a sports entity.

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