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Wasting talent in CHL, evidence

Season 08/09

It was debut season of KHL. No MHL, no VHL yet. I looked at guys born 1990 who played CHL that season and guy who prefered euro-route of developing (KHL-VHL-MHL). It is important to know that MHL was created in 09/10 and VHL one season later. So, both developing/junior leagues did not work in 08/09. Now they are working, so we can see results a bit later (especially guy born 1994/95 who stayed at home).

Number of Russians (stats: EP)

F Fisenko, today Amur/KHL

F Kugryshev, today CSKA/KHL
F Ostapchuk,
D Kulikov, today NHL
F M.Gratchev, today Sibir/KHL
F Cheremetiev, does he play hockey?
D Kostromitin, today Chelmet/VHL
F Dostoinov, today NLB/Suiss
D Tulupov, today Avto-Amur/KHL
D Golovkov, today Vityaz/KHL

F E.Gratchev, today AHL
F Loktionov, today AHL
F Korostin, today VHL
F Denezkin, today Spartak/KHL
D Molotilov, today VHL
F Bessonov, does he play hockey?

WJC 2008/09 roster (Russia, 3rd)

G Alistratov, today VHL, no CHL/AHL route
G Zhelobnyuk, today VHL, no CHL/AHL route
F Andronov, today AHL, played KHL 11/12
F Chernov, today Vityaz/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
D Chudinov, today SKA/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
F Dadonov, today Donbass/KHL, no CHL route, left KHL/jumped to AHL (09/10)
F Filatov, today Salavat Yulaev/KHL, 5 games among seniors (RSL) before AHL (08/09)
D Golovkov, see above
D Goncharov, today AHL, played KHL before leaving
D Khafizullin, today Vityaz/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
F Klopov, today VHL, no CHL/AHL route
F Klyukin,
F Komaristiy, today Neftekhimik/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
D Pashin, today Lokomotiv/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
F K.Petrov, today Ak Bars/KHL, no CHL/AHL route
F A.Potapov, today Torpedo/KHL+VHL, no CHL/AHL route
D Tokranov, today Ak Bars/KHL (injured?), no CHL/AHL route
D Voynov, today NHL (?), no CHL route, left RSL/jumped to AHL (08/09)
IMO nobody of guys played CHL in 08/09 benefited from playing CHL, maybe Kulikov. Guys who came back to Russia are „nothing special“ today,3 or 4 liners in KHL team or VHLers. Another example is Chudinov, playing KHL all the time, who is top D-man. Alexander Osipov (born 89, Amur) is great D-man, playing whole career in KHL. Definitelly better D than guys choosing CHL route. I would mention D Zaytsev (born 91, Sibir) as well, he is a bit younger but better than Molotilov-type-of-players. Or not?

Forwards, returnees from CHL are nothing special as I said. Ostapchuk had potential, unfortunatelly he is dead. Loktionov played a few NHL games, but has he achieved his potential? What about others (ex-CHLers)? Who are they? Lets say Voynov´s route was right, but he did not play CHL, he had experiance from senior level hockey (RSL). It can not be said about Filatov, who did not play senior hockey before leaving Russia (ok, 5 games ). Dadonov is something among Voynov and Filatov, played KHL before leaving/came back to KHL. And now KHL route of developing – Kirill Petrov. So who made right decision?

Would be great if someone compared another seasons.

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