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11-17-2012, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
Shea Weber is a greedy money sucking player who talked for 2 years about wanting his team to "prove to him" that they are willing to spend to get better.... and in accepting that offer sheet hurts his team beyond belief. He doesn't want to win , he just wants the big paycheck. If he hadn't filled the media with "I just want a winning team ********" we would feel different.

Lots of top tier players give their team a little discount to stay with the team and play on a winning team (crosby, sedins, etc)

We had to match his offer sheet. But I dont doubt he wanted to leave and I don't doubt that he will play half assed. He isn't worth the money we paid. No one is.

If he's a poster child for what the players want....... screw hockey.

And don't use Nashville as a bad market example.

I hope the owners stand firm.
Shea Weber is like about 95% of the pro-athletes out there these days, and when they go greedy they hide behind the " my agent takes care of the business side of things" so the fans will understand...

The guys like Yzerman, Ray Bourque etc just don't seem to exist's all about the money, ask Don Fehr...just business...but it leaves the fans very sour...guys like Shea want the money, they want the Cup, they want to be able to ask the GM and owners, what are you doing to make us a better team, the boys want it all...the guy, along with most of his PA buddies are selfish...

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