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11-17-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Thomas L View Post
The city received an audit showing their former City Manager cooked the books in what appears to be a crude (and likely criminal) version of a ponzi scheme.... A competent council would be cleaning up old business. And there is no bigger spill than the fund fraud.
... umm, ya, you'd kinda think huh? The 4 of them are clearly in complete denial, beyond incompetent, dangerous. Should be & likely will be completely shutdown if they try & force a vote on ANY kind of an agreement. Hell, even if its one whereby Jamisons dropped his demands from $320M to $20.00 over 20 years to manage the arena. Like, just dont bother!. Deal with replacing the funds removed from the GF & trust funds, and God only knows where else?. Go get yourselves some sharp practising criminal attorneys... a dartboard featuring countries that are unlikely to sign extradition treaties with the United States of Merica' anytime soon and start tossin Baby.... Andorra, Bhutan, Gabon, Western Samoa.... I hear Laos is real nice.

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