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11-17-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
wasnt that in his second year? I dont remember. He was still a young guy on an inexperienced team. Now hes beginning to enter his peak with a very good football team. I just cant buy into the falcons being bounced in their first game because thats what happened in their last 3 postseasons.

As a colts fan, i remember them always being written off because peyton couldnt beat new england. Then he did and won the super bowl. Trends are broken all the time.
The 13-3 team that got blown out at home occured during his 3rd season (2nd playoff appearance)

He was pretty terrible thru most of game (He had a INT returned for TD on terrible throw in 1st half). Got most of his production in 4th qtr vs Packers backups

Sure you use Peyton as trend broken ,, How about the futility of the KC Chiefs in playoffs since 1993? 0-5 with several 13-3 teams losing in 1st playoff game

We shall see if this year Falcons are legit or not come playoff time

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