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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
The fact that you don't see how red hair has about as much bearing on the discussion we are having (heights in the norm of a bell curve) gives me idea that you like asinine arguments. Why you think we are debating heights of the general populace versus heights of NHL players is beyond me. We are debating the importance of height for people within the norm in the NHL. Unless you or others are foolish enough to believe that Da Vinci's Vitruvian man (created over 500 years ago) is some fool proof idea (one which science will clearly show you to be incorrect), I'd LOVE to hear all the clear benefits of 2 or 3 inches in height.
So you're saying being taller than 6 feet has no bearing on success in hockey. Please explain to me why there are so few defenseman at 6 feet or lower in the NHL considering there are so many people in Canada who are in that height category.

Thanks in advance.

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