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11-17-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by JMT21 View Post
Does it stretch the imagination to think that the new council could enlist the services of GWI to help them fight to overturn the lease?

GJ must realize that the new council will use whatever resources are at their disposal to fight this lease that the lame duck council will try to push thru.

It still amazes me that the outgoing council (at least half of them anyway) could make a decision of this financial magnitude without giving 2nd thought to the wishes of the new council of the future of Glendale.

GWI and the COG working together towards the same goal..... It's bizzaro world
I doubt it. If the new mayor and council want to overturn the lease, then I don't think they'll have much difficulty doing that without the GWI's intervention. First, I doubt that the lease will be executed very soon after it is approved by city council, leaving time for the new council members to overturn the actions of this council. Second, the new mayor and council could lend support to citizens who would seek to petition to put the deal to a referendum. It seems likely that a new petition would have much broader support, considering that budget and staff cuts are likely worrying city staffers and their families, and those that opposed the tax are likely going to be inclined to ensure that their increased sales taxes are not going into the pockets of Jamison's ownership group. A new petition drive would not rely on a dyspneic old man in 110 degree heat. If the petition is successful, this whole deal goes into limbo, and I think the NHL would then pull the plug.

The only viable solution that I can see is for Jamison and the NHL to negotiate a deal with the incoming mayor and council. They have shown no inclination to do that. Even worse, after stonewalling the incoming mayor Jamison thought it was a bright idea to meet with the "pro" council members separate from other council members. Two of the council members with whom he met will be gone within a few weeks. Duh!

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