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11-17-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by IceCapsFanNL View Post
They were profitable when they were here, drew well (consistently in the 80% range). Fans came out even when the team was bad as it often was. We even built the new rink as MLSE demanded. As soon as they could legally leave they did.

Leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. I quit being a Leafs fan after 40 years over it.

Ironically, the Caps outdrew the Marlies last season. Not very many sellouts at Ricoh vs every game sold out at MileOne. You could buy playoff tickets in TO on game day. They were going for over $100 a game here on Kijiji.

The media circus in TO is for the Leafs not Marlies, living in a place where the hockey matters is more evident here than in TO for the Marlies.

At the end of the day the fans here were shafted undeservedly so.
i agree the circus is for the leafs and not the marlies but living in the same city as the leafs and seeing how the papers, television and radio report and hound the big club daily can give them somewhat an idea of what to expect. that said, it can also be a double edged sword as they are already 'wasting' kadri away in the news. the pressure can bust some players literally.

too bad the fans had to suffer but consider yourself lucky you are rid of that joke franchise. at least you arent like most other leafs' sheep.

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