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11-17-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Welcome FatCat. One of us, one of us.

I like the idea of having either Bonifacio or Izturis batting 9th line you said. We witnessed a similar set-up with Davis 9th and Gose leading off this past season. It was only for a few games but with those two on base, the entire defense had to be on their toes which adds a special dynamic to the offense.

As much as people like to say it, I'm not sure we forced many teams to deviate from their plans. The Yankees have to get creative to avoid the luxury tax next year, the Rays always penny pinch, and the Orioles...well who cares about them anyways. The only team that I could see actually "responding" is like you said, the Red Sox.
No, not one of you. I have 2 WS rings clanging around my heart so I'm happy. (And 3 SB rings. Come on Preds step up!)

Red Sox were going to move Salty anyway they are in love with Lavarnway. Now note, I think the Jays are the #1 team in the AL East and they aren't the top team in the MLB using last years numbers. 126 million would have been 6th. But the Sox traded away the GDP of a very small Pacific nation and I can't see the Yankees staying up at 198 Million. Philly will trade too. From what I am hearing on TSN radio D'Arnaud might stay in Buffalo for the year to heal up, but the idea of dumping Lind and Buck to any one and signing Swisher would be insane.

Since the Phillies most likely will be making moves to dump salary any rumors of re-acquiring Halladay for the 5th spot? he is on the last yr of his deal, 20m for this year.

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