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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
WThe PA feels the perception is that they are a bunch of sheep, later confirmed by a team executive, and further confirmed by other repulsive people such as Jeremy Jacobs, and then of course there is the black-clouded association with Alan Eagleson. When Fehr was director of the MLBPA, they were not sheep.
It was Paul Kelly who put an end to the Eagelson era and put the man behind bars when many in the hockey and political world were bowing and scraping to him. Kelly was not a man likely to fold.

Problem is he didn't bow and scrape to certain people at the PA either.

Fehr is what he is.Hard to know if the bulk of the players knew what they were getting though a number of them certainly did and he seems to have been more than ready to take it on. If the players wanted this kind of negotiations or lack of it then they have what they bargained for, no need to feel sorry for them and the fix they are in.

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