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11-17-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
Prust is just another player too scared to put his money where his mouth is and call out his team's owner.

Funny how it's never their owners responsible for this mess... It's always the designated boogeymen.
It's been widely speculated that Molson is one of the few owners who were actually anti-lockout. I think one of the habs even came out and said it in a roundabout way not too long ago.

But you're right in that Prust looks like an idiot for his ' what bettman is doing is disrespectful.. etc etc' crap. Honestly I'd expect the same answer from a 4 year old. Players need to learn to shut the **** up, they're hurting themselves and the league by opening their mouths.

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