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Originally Posted by chrisx101 View Post
Your wrong, Toronto would be the only team in the league who hasnt made the playoffs nor drafted 1st overall so they would be among those with the highest probability.
Depends how many years they do the ball counting for. In 2005 it was you start off with 3 balls and if you make the playoffs in any of the last 3 years or pick first in the last 4 years you lose 1 ball for each time that happens, and you can lose up to 2 balls.

Edmonton for instance would lose 2 balls for picking first at least 2 times(they can't lose all 3 balls for picking first 3 times), while a team like Detroit would lose 2 balls for making the playoffs twice(they can't lose all 3 balls for making the playoffs every year).

I believe their would be a few teams with 3 balls like Toronto and Columbus(Calgary, Dallas, Minnesota, Winnipeg and Carolina all haven't made the playoff in the past 3 years as well). The Islanders on the other hand would have 2 balls due to drafting Tavares(although they missed the playoffs the past 3 years as well).

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