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11-17-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
Prust is just another player too scared to put his money where his mouth is and call out his team's owner.

Funny how it's never their owners responsible for this mess... It's always the designated boogeymen.
That's most likley because JJ is know to be an ass and slimy businessman and behind the group of owners who are 'commanding' the lock out and the hardline approach.
Might be darche or crosby (both were there at the 3-4 day nego stint that was going well) who said that the talks went bad once JJ stepped into the discussion.
it's only thing i found quickly, and it's just opinion piece,

There are other quotes floating around this thread pointing towards JJ. The bruins fans know what type of dirty owner he is/has been (search bruins board for his threads)

Like it's been said, Bettman only needs to have 7 owners on his side to commandeer his hardline approach and reject any proposals that the majority of owners would accept (Molson and others who are losing stupid money for a few % points and ego battle, are defiantly not behind this type of negotiation approach.)

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