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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
My point is, where do we rank those guys?
Fetisov? Salming?
Yeah, really hard to compare Salming - a guy who spent the majority of his career and his prime in the NHL - with NHL players...

Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Larinov? Propov?

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
This is an absolutely horrible comparison, but in a sense guys like Shore and Harvey are in the role of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, and Lidstrom is in the role of Wynton Marsalis. Marsalis is surely capable of doing more on a technical level, and he has built a level of fame that easily surpasses the rest of his generation. There's nothing wrong with Marsalis. But ask a jazz fan if he's as great as Armstrong and they'll just shake their head at you. Not because he's "worse" at playing jazz, but because he's playing from the book that Armstrong wrote. To surpass Armstrong, he'd have to write a new book, and to do so would require a truly rare genius that Marsalis just doesn't have.
But again, isn't that completely different yardstick? Many think music is about being original and creative (a notion shaped in the 18th century when "Original Geniuses" were celebrated like divine creators) whereas hockey is simply about winning. How much value does originality have here? If (just if...) Lidström is mastering Harvey's book to a finer degree than Harvey himself, are we not supposed to consider him the better player? After all he is better at contributing to win then. In music you might need to create something yourself to prove you've outgrown your masters and teachers, but in hockey? If you're doing the same thing but better, isn't that enough when the purpose of the game - winning by scoring more goals than the opponent - is set in stone and when we have reason (assuming we have...) to believe that Harvey would look inferior if he played side by side with Lidström?

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