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11-17-2012, 01:29 PM
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Who has given up more?

"We are extremely disappointed in where we and the players find ourselves," deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Thursday evening. "And from our perspective, we have made repeated moves in the players' direction with absolutely no reciprocation.* Unfortunately, we have determined we are involved with union leadership that has no genuine interest in reaching an agreement. Regardless of what we propose, or how we suggest to compromise the answer is "no."* At some point you just have to say "enough is enough."


Using the last CBA as a gauge to which side has moved in the others direction...what is the truth?

The NHL has proposed 50/50 right away, yet agreeing to a make whole clause which defers players salaries to later in the agreement. Along with restricting all contracting rights for the players.

NHLPA agrees to taking 7% less on a step down scale and doesn't agree to contracting changes.

NHL recieves over 1 billion dollars more in HRR plus the most restrictive contracting rules in any pro sport.

NHLPA concedes 1 billion in revenue slowly. But, want contracts honored and be able to determine their share based on previous contracting rules.

Given Bill Dalys statement and the comparison of current offers to the previous CBA how is their any truth whatsoever to his words?

Negotiating allowed the players to reduce their share down 7% over time. Why not "negotiate" contracting rules the same way. I am sure there is a little give on the players side with regards to contracting rules. But not if you say we want all of these take it or leave it as the NHL has done.

ELS could easily change from 3 to 2 years
Free Agency can be 27 or 7 years
Contract length remain the same...only about 15% of players will ever sign them anyways as per current contracts. Most deals are only 1-5 yrs
Change back diving contracts...a must for the NHL and something players should be fine with

The problem is the NHL says they are moving in the players direction but that is only based off their own first proposal.

To my point of this thread is who has really given up more and how if any way have the owners given concessions in the players direction compared to the previous CBA?

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