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11-17-2012, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Are you new to this board?
How about Kyle Quincey, for one.
They guy who we let go to keep 47 year old Chelios even though Quincey showed he looked ready in his playoff stint.
And then we wasted a first round pick to get him back.
How about Jan Mursak for two.
How Did we really need Mike Modano two years ago? We really needed to resign Bertuzzi and Holmstrom for two years ... and to sign Modano?

If this season gets started this year...we're going to have to send Nyquist to the AHL unless we move someone or unless people stay injured all year.

Big deal, right?

If you ask me, right now, we have 3 AHL forwards who should already be on the team. Nyquist, Tatar and Andersson. Nyquist and Tatar should compete for top 9 roles and Andersson should be trying to win a 4th line job.

Nyquist is 23. Andersson is 23. Tatar is 21.

If those guys don't make it this year, now we're going to try to break them in next year? At 24, 24 and 22?

Oh, and right behind them you've got Jarnkrok, who will be 22 when next season starts. You;ve got Pulkkinen who should come over next season at 22.

If Ferraro finishes this season with 25 goals and 25 assists, shouldn't he get a look next year?

And we still haven't seen what Jan Mursak brings.

We didn't need to resign Mikeal Samuelsson this year. Especially not for 2 years. We didn't need to bring back Bertuzzi this year. Especially not for 2 years. And as much as I like Tootoo and what he brings, I think we could have went without him too.

Here's a lineup without Sammy and Bert
Nyqust Datsyuk Cleary
Flip Zetterberg Brunner
Tatar Helm Tootoo
Miller Abdelkader Mursak

RESERVE: Andersson/Eaves/Emmerton

Now if that looks young to you, imagine if Nyquist got all of last year in.and Mursak already had two full years in, like he should have..

Instead... perhaps only Nyquist will get a shot this year. And maybe none of them (thanks Gary Bettman).

Our farm system has never been more full than it is right now. And we're doing a bad job graduating guys into the NHL. Main reason is because we keep wasting spots on mediocre veterans.

Bottom line is, introduce youth gradually or face a dramatic rebuild.

This isn't the 2002 Red Wings. Mikeal Samuelsson isn't Brett Hull or Luc Robitaille or Igor Larionov.
So Mursak and Quincy is all you have. Not really having me kicking myself. We know what we have in Mursak and its not worth while. So is Quincy a good player or not I can't tell by what you wrote. Is he a good player that we let go? Or is he a good player we got back for a steal? A first round draft pick isn't much. Look at your roster are we tryig to have the smallest team in the league. You don't like Sammy who's 6'3 and puts up 50 points.

Pulks is no shoe in to be an NHLer even if he is him and Jarnkrok aren't ready for 3 years, Sheahan isn't looking to be on a fast track. Ferraro has 10 good games and he's a shoe in to make the NHL just because he puts up Abdelkader like numbers? Anderson is looking like he's going to be a 3rd liner at best. What makes you think pushing Smith to the NHL last year playing half the amount of time makes him a better player? No proof in that. These guys will get their chance when they have earned it. Or in the case of some when they are strong enough.

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