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Originally Posted by Vandalay Industries View Post
Nope, as a Dane you don't just automatically hope for a lasting lockout.

I would rather watch six Danish players on a daily basis in the best league in the world than watch them in a second tier league all season and then for three days in olympic qualification.

Denmark will be able to make the Olympics with or without them and eventhough it would be cool having Denmark in the Olympics, we really don't have a place there. We will lose big time when the big countries roll out the entire arsenal.

And since this is the situation I really love NHL too much to offer up one whole season just for that Olympic qualification.
OK I fully understand your point (I correct it to this Dane )

I would off course prefer see tham in NHL and then having them allowed to play the olympic qualification and then going back to NHL. That is sadly wishful thinking.

Why I deem it so important for Denmark to qualify for Olympics is the TV factor. It will be a lot more prime time than a WC. Also for egoistical purposes I would rather see Denmark being beaten in Olympic Hockey than having to watch 6 hours curling every day on danish television during olympics (because that will be the only other danes participating - thank God for swedish, norwegian and german television). These 6 hours could be transferred to hockey matches, interviews with players and eventually might get more kids to play hockey. An olympic qualification might actually also persued "someone" to build more rinks. If you need to convince the money-men you need an Olympic Qualification!

As with Belarus and Slovenia and their NHL'ers. They will only lose half as many as the Danish squad. Denmark will be hit the worst depthwise. Anyway we know we can be beating badly at WC, so we can only surprise positively and that is always when Danish teams are at their best. But in Olympic Qual we are favourites, so we need all the skill we can get with NHL'ers used to play under pressure.

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