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11-17-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
First of all, Gardiner was traded so he didn't opt to sign in a different market. Secondly any prospect can opt to not sign with the team that drafted them, it doesn't only apply to NCAA. In Schultz case he finished his college eligibility and was left unsigned, therefore he became a FA. When it comes to the NCAA players there is currently as loophole in the current CBA regarding them opting out of college early and becoming UFA's, if they haven't been previously signed by their drafting team (Wheeler, Gregoire, etc). When it comes to players drafted out of the CHL, SEL, SM-liiga, Europe, KHL, etc, they become eligible to re-enter the draft 2 years after their initial draft (drafted 2010 left unsigned, re-enter the draft in 2012), if they were unable to sign with the original club that drafted them. So in short Trouba could potentially walk via FA if he decides not to sign with the Jets, but that could happen with any prospect that's left unsigned in the NCAA. Also, once a NCAA player has signed he's considered a professional and loses his NCAA eligibility. Of course all this only applies to the current CBA and could possibly be changed with the future CBA.

Hope that clears that up for you, if it doesn't, I'm sure someone else will come along and reword what I just said.
Actually it does, thanks. These are the type of things I don't understand all that well so I appreciate your help. Also, I knew Gardiner was traded, I thought it was because he was unsigned (or a contract couldn't be reached), so that was an error on my part. Thanks for the help!

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