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11-17-2012, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
I don't think anyone's given up much of anything at this point.

Leaving a future growth percentage that you were never promised isn't a concession, so the players haven't given anything up.

The league's made concessions on revenue sharing, but that would sort of have been necessary for the business whether the PA wanted it or not.

Leaving the only concessions made by anyone as the league's concessions on ancillary things (hotel rooms, masseurs...stupid things like that) and non-monetary issues (disciplinary appeals going to third parties...which shouldn't have been a CBA issue to begin with).

The PA's been more intractible in negotiations and their "ask" (guaranteed dollar amounts vs guaranteed percentages) is crazier than anything the league currently wants, but that doesn't mean the league has "conceeded" anything of note.

Actually, I take that back. The owners have said they'll reimburse any player who wants to go around the team doctors and seek independent treatment from health professionals of their choice. That's probably not expensive, but were I a player, that would be BIG for me. I wouldn't trust a team doctor as far as I could throw him.

Where has it been stated about players and their reimbursement for treatment. Not saying I don't believe you but haven't seen and I agree that would be nice for the players

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