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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
How do you guys judge the European players that had no or little career in the NHL.

For obvious example, the Soviets

The Soviets proved on countless events that they were just as good if not often better than the best from Canada. 1972, 1974 Summit Series. Super Series between the 70's and 80's. Olympics were tough to judge but lets not dismiss them. World Championship as well. Plus a handful of them got drafted into the NHL, many of them went over to play and have great careers. And even for those young Soviet players who got a full career in the NHL you could see their skill among the greatest in the world and only shows you what the past players would have been given a chance...

My point is, where do we rank those guys?
Fetisov? Salming? Larinov? Propov? And others...

I fear many sport fans today get so caught up on their American Pro League records and stats and stats in general and forget what it really means to be a good or great player. Stats show a huge portion of success but it doesnt show everything.
Wait... what?

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