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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Putting Ballard on waivers if nobody wants him costs nothing. FACT.

That is the clause of the contract. That is a fact. Finally got a real fact out of you.

Gillis will negotiate with teams. If those teams present an offer he deems acceptable, he'll present it to Luongo, not the other way around.

He can select 5 teams, but if those 5 teams don't want him and the other side of the coin is starting 30% of his teams games do you think Luongo would open up his teams?

Basically, he is either stuck in a position where his starting role is under serious question or he can be traded to a team that wants him (as evidenced by offering a serious package that improves Vancouver - because who makes trades trying to get worse?) and re-claim his role as unquestioned starter.

You've yet to answer anyone on what 'your value' is for a Luongo trade. Don't use players names or teams, what is the value Roberto Luongo?
I've already explained both sides of the argument you are making.

Putting Ballard on waivers doesn't fully solve the problem.

A) His cap hit would not cover the differences (under my calculations which I have shown, if you have some please show them).

B) If no one claims him then he will go to the minors. Might be a suitable solution for 4.2m but it is also speculated by reputable sources that this move will still count against the cap.

So, it's not a complete solution, but I take it as part of a potential solution.

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