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11-17-2012, 02:05 PM
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I'll take a stab at it...

Just to dispel some myths going on in this thread(s).

Why Brian Burke HAS TO trade for Roberto Luongo: (this off-season or by latest trade deadline)

#1. The "five-year-plan" is on the brink of failure. Burke's job depends on winning now. Plain and simple.
#2. Burke can't roll with mediocre goaltending again: the team's biggest weakness. Reimer hasn't, and won't be getting it done, and Scrivens is busy letting in goals from centre, and setting a record for 2 goals allowed in 3 seconds. Luongo is Canuck property, and the only legit starter available that could guarantee legit goaltending for the next 1/2 decade+ <snip> Refer to point #1. Gillis has far much more control than people suggest.
#3. New CBA, future cap ceiling, won't be a problem for the Canuck’s cap management going forward, as they can deal players like Raymond, Ballard, Malhotra, or just let them walk... retaining both goalies, and still icing a formidable team. T.O. may have cap space in the future, but who's going to be available? I'll tell you who - guys like Raymond, Ballard, Malhotra... teams will resign their best assets (duh) On top of that, Burke still has to worry about whether those players even want to play for the Leafs (considering that making the playoffs are unlikely), or if they'd rather re-sign with their team for a bit of a discount, but make a real run at the playoffs.

Again, the lockout and new CBA will determine a lot but it seems completely outside the realm of reason to think Burke can roll with Reimer and Scrivens again, and he is most surely on a clock to make it happen, valuation aside.

*and that is just 1 of the teams interested in Luongo!

Oh, and before I forget: the above wasn't opinion, it was FACT

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