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11-17-2012, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
Sorry man...the post led off with calling Bettman an idiot. I understand you have a problem with him saying he will do it as opposed to just doing it.

Of course, if the league tells Fehr they want a moratorium for two weeks, it's Fehr's story to spin to the media if Bettman doesn't say it first. One of the first rules of PR is that you have to be the one to frame story. League is definitely winning the PR war at this point but they are making a more concerted effort during this lock out and the weak economy works heavily against the players.
For what it's worth, I was being sensational calling him a possible idiot. He's intelligent. There are key points in conversations and interviews that you can determine the level of smarts. He's got them. But some of the things he has said have bitten him in the ass and it makes you wonder how in the world can he repeated say these things, or if he even thinks about what he's about to say.

Also, it should be said that I have repeatedly said in this thread that I don't blame GB for this lockout. He's supporting 30 businesses that have been fighting eachother, and their employees. That's tough to control and make it out like all is well.

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