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11-17-2012, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
You're misunderstanding me if you think I'm saying mathematical logic would show the talent pool has definitely doubled due to population.
What you originally said was that the talent pool has at least quintupled. Pretty sure I didn't misunderstand your saying that.

Do you think it hasn't increased at all since Harvey or Shore's time??
Have I, or anyone else here, said it hasn't increased at all?

US hockey is doing just fine. They are producing lots of young talented players, more than ever before. Did you watch the last Olympics? Canada just ran over them in a blowout, didn't they?
International tournament results are not a relevant data point for measuring the quality of competition in the NHL. Unless, of course, you believe the American talent pool surpassed the Russians in 1980?

Here are some numbers that ARE relevant.

Players in the NHL
Canada 52.4%
Europe 28.1%
USA 19.5%

2012 Draftees
Canada 47.4%
Europe 27%
USA 25.6%

Of course there are some NHL-quality players in European leagues as well, which would tilt those numbers a little.

Needless to say, the USA is definitely not close behind Canada and definitely not ahead of Europe.

I keep hearing about this great research but have seen nothing in terms of numbers. Please share. You've "shot it down" in the past with the same denial you're doing here.
This forum has a handy, under-utilized search feature. You are free to find the relevant threads yourself rather than asking me to do it for you.

Yeah, I'm the crazy one. You're totally sane to believe the talent pool hasn't multiplied since the 60's and even if it has that wouldn't have a large affect on competition at the highest level. Please.
Straw-manning your opponents isn't going to help you in a forum where the majority are already well familiar with the lines of argument.

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