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11-17-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
RS is a concession from the big teams, but the smaller markets will be the ones to benefit far more than if costs were just cut. That's why I put in a gray zone.

That was my point. You can't steal my point!!!!!
I don't want to because frankly it's idiotic. If that was the case then none of us should ever talk about the CBA negotiations or have opinions on things because we don't know what they will look like in the end.

The point is, we're talking about who has given up what based on what's been reported and in the proposals. The people above made excellent lists and if you were looking at it from a purely numerical stance then the players have given up about one thing which is the 50/50 but even then they haven't given that up that much. The reason for that is a fair bit of that money is going directly to revenue sharing, extra money for hotel rooms, outside doctors, increased standards in ice and visitor dressing rooms.

So since you seem to be one of the few voices of the pro-pa side, aside from agreeing to go down to 50/50 (which imo isn't that much (see above), what else have they given up?

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