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11-17-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by hb11xchamps View Post
The defensemen and dumb turnovers are what **** me off the most. I try to make an outlet pass out of the zone and most of the time the computer players on the other team will make a stupid lucky pokecheck (sometimes facing the wrong way) and I turn the puck over. This then leads to my defensemen really sucking at switching from skating forward to backwards and getting completely beat giving my opponent a 1 vs 1 with the goalie. The "new" goalies make me angry this year too. Sometimes a guy who completely sucks (AHL back up, European Goalie, Junior, etc.) stands on his head most of the game while my starter (Usually Halak) makes really stupid pokechecks a lot, comes out of his net and gets scored on, or lets a soft one in. There are way too many flaws with the game this year
Do you use the normal pass or the saucer pass to outlet? That's one thing that helps me against the poke checking.

My team right now:

Hamhuis(A)-Erhoff (RD)


Forwards are all Stl and defensemen/goalies are all Van. Very happy with it. Just want to get Kesler to slide Staal to wing and bump Sharp to the third. After that replace Backstrom with Duchene and that's about it besides saving up for Sotw upgrades for Edler and others.

What is everyone else's roster?

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