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11-17-2012, 03:19 PM
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The Bettman proposed moratorium is probably going to be the swing point if a deal is made.

Once he said it, the NHLPA could of done nothing and blamed Bettman for not wanting to have any last ditch negotiations, but practically immediately afterwards, the NHLPA contacts the NHL and tells them they want to met, realizing that if they don't get something done in the next couple of weeks, the season is over.

The moratorium was a perfect gambit at the current stage of things. It pretty much put a line in the sand for when a deal needed to be done or there would be be an upcoming cancelled season soon afterwards. Its sucks that it came to this point but I had no problem with the strategy when it was made since it gave a clear season tipping point to all involved. All the talks over the past months hadn't produced much of anything and a drop-dead date was necessary to get **** moving to the end goal. Everybody was talking about the cancelled season possibility for months but now that we are entering late November, it's not a far off boogeyman or a fake threat, it's here and things need to get hashed out by early Dec. at the absolutely latest or there will be no season. I think both sides are finally really feeling the crunch for the first time.

This is the first time I've felt any optimism for a season for a good while.

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