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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Wait... what?
Maybe he thought of Börje's brother Stig Salming.

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
The purpose of the game is to win, but that does not define the excellence of an individual player. Hockey isn't like track, or swimming, or other sports where individuals compete to reach objective performance goals. It's much more complex than that, and our definition of "best" or "greatest" is closer to a value judgment than anything.
Of course team games are pretty complex, especially free-flowing games like hockey (or similiar games: basketball, soccer). That's why I think it's often difficult to decide how much one specific player actually does right or wrong. Who contributed what to this goal? Who is to blame for that goal against? Is a certain player to blame for his negative Plus/Minus record or are his teammates responsible? And so on. But value judgment? I'm not sure. In the end you cannot argue for or against the intersubjective validity of a value judgment because it is rooted in your personal worldview and if I don't share your worldview, your argument becomes useless. If we argue about hockey however we already share a common notion: Contributing to scoring goals and preventing goals against is what defines a good hockey player. It's just difficult to decide what a player contributes or fails to contribute in many individual cases, but that's "only" methodical problem.

Be that as it may be: Is originality of merit in hockey?

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