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11-17-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueBaron View Post
Some of you are in denial. It continues to amaze me how determined some of you are to convince yourselves that Luongo will get max value. Asking for a trade, his contract , his age and all the other factors do not hurt his value.

No one could name an example of a player asking to be traded who wasn't, but some how Vancouver is special and this won't affect them at all.

Keeping him is an option because having a player in your locker room who doesn't want to be there can in no way hurt your team.

Yet despite all this a good number of your fan base have lowered their expectations. Your own GM has said " The trade does not have to make us better, it has to make us different " which basically means we have to get something for him.

I'm not saying he is coming to Torornto, nor will I claim to know what his value is, but I do believe based on overwelming evidence and history he will be traded, he will not be waived, and he will not get you as much as Nash got CBJ.

I hope for Vancouvers sake that a team like Chicago is in play which would increase the options but really the circumstances make for a small group that would give up anything substantial. Really trading him to any team you see often seems undesirable, Chicago chief among them based on the recent rivalry.

It has been reported that a discussion between Toronto and Vancouver centered around Bozak. Your own roster depth limits the number of players you can get back. Over and over we hear " how does this help us ? " when the reality is your GM is simply trying to salvage what he can from the situation.

Logic suggests he will move Luongo before training camp or he will ask him to stay home until a deal will be worked out so as not to be a distraction to the team. This is not a slight on Luongo but having the media asking Luongo trade questions when the season starts will be disruptive.

It seems many is this discussion forget these are real people involved , that there are pressures pushing a resolution, that every interested GM is aware of this and will use it to their advantage. I suggest some of you lower your expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised, failing that at least you will suffer less disappointment if the deal is indeed Bozak, a prospect and a pick.

The statement "He is under contract" seems like little more than a desperate attempt to ignore all the factors in play . Luongo is a great goalie, better than Schnieder in my opinion and he will help any team who gets him for several years after the trade, but to ignore all the other factors that will hinder the return on him is just folly.
There is no gun to Gillis' head. No artificial timeline.

Lou has a long term deal in place and is obligated to honor it or not get paid...that is a irrefutable fact.

Luongo has already stated he will be a good soldier

Lou has a lot more to lose than the team by not playing along

If the canucks can be a better team by trading schneider than lou I have no doubt they will consider it

There are teams with major question marks in goal that may emerge into the next season

Burke does have a gun to his head with arguably the worst goalies in the nhl. He is well into the rebuild and under pressure that Gillis is simply not facing.

Every day that gillis waits is another day he gets to keep the best tandem in the league in place. A tandem that won btb pt's.

All signs point to Gillis being in the driver's seat with a nice problem to have that a younger goalie may have surpassed the best goalie in team history while said goalie is still in his prime.

I see no need for a panic moves. If they gt good value they will move Lou. If not they will wait.

Seems pretty damn obvious to me.

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