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So I found an old hockey news with salaries in 2002. It wasnt exactly what I was looking for but it will do I guess.

I want to see what the effect of the CBA is on salaries in the top 50 or so {the superstars} and what it is for the middle class {for argument sakes guys 100-400 in salary}

so in 2002 I see 5 salaries 10 mill or higher... and another 16 salaries over 8 mill... so 21 guys making more then 8 mill. Compare that to only 15 players now.

they were for the record...
Bure 10 mill
Lidstrom 10.5 mill
Tkachuk 11 mill
Jagr 11 mill
Kariya 10 Mill
Leetch 9.6mill
Holik 9.6 mill
Yzerman 8.5 mill
Joseph 8 mill
Pronger 9.5 mill
Weight 8.5 mill
Guerin 8.7mill
Modano 8.5 mill
Sakic 9.8 mill
Forsberg 9.5 mill
Blake 9.3 mill
Roy 8.5 mill
Leclair 9 mill
Roenic 8 mill
Sundin 9 mill

Interesting perhaps to note that only 9 teams had any of these 21 players on the payroll.

Only 4 other teams had a player over 6 mill on the payroll. So 17 teams didnt have a single player making over 6 mill. 9 teams didnt have a single player making more then 5 mill

12 teams had payrolls under 33 million total dollars

so moving on... i see 11 guys between 6-8 mill bringing our total up tp 32 guys making over 6 mill and i see 17 more over 5 million...

so there are 49 players in 2002 making more then 5 million dollars.

Now moving on I see 22 guys making 4-5 mill which brings us to 71 guys over 4 million

I see 43 guys making 3-4 mill

so for argument sakes we will start our look at middle wage owners as anyone making under 3 mill. and say that there was 114 guys making 'star' money in 2002 at more then 3 million

Now the big number... i see 332 guys making less then 1 million dollars

so 446 guys fall into the extremes under a mill or over 3 mill and that leaves around 250 guys in the middle. between 1 mill and 3 mill

I think anyone that has looked at team payrolls lately is begining to see the picture.

This CBA has clearly put a lid on the top 50 or so payrolls in the NHL. The top 50 or so guys were making more before the CBA then they are now.

But this CBA has completely eliminated that class of 332 guys that used to make under a million and most of them now are way way way over that. In fact there was alot of guys making under 500k in 2002.

I wish I had the ambition right now to actually do a much more indepth study of the middle class salaries today but I think anyone here that cares has a good understanding that guys like Peverly/Boychuck/Kelly make more then 3 million these days

In fact lets just look at the Bruin payroll from 2002 for some interesting comparisons.

In 2002 it was at 37.3 million

Lapointe and Murray were the only 2 guys making more then 4 mill

Stumel, ODonnell, Samsonov, Rolston, Thornton, Zaumner, were the other guys over 2 mill

we had 8 guys on the team making more then 2 mill.

McInnis Gill Shields then were making more then 1 mill... so 11 guys over 1 mill and then 12 guys under a mill

effectively depending hwo you want to break things down we were paying our bottom line and last defense pair and backup goalie and 3 spares all under a million in 2002. So those guys are all the same or some have seen their salaries double or so... but this imo is ok. these guys did need the raise.

then we were paying our third line and second defense pair around 2 mill or less. and its the second line guys that really skyrocket now. from around 2 mill in 2002 to around 5 mill now.

You see it in comparisons like Stumpel making 2.8 mill in 2002 or Krecji over 5 mill now. Rolston making 2.2 mill in 2002 or Marchand making 4 mill now. ODonnell at 2.2 mill compared to Boychuck. Axelsson under a million compared to Kelly at 3 mill.

Its these middle class contracts that really skyrocketed under the last CBA

look at Thornton on his second deal getting 2.1 mill compared to Seguin making 6 now. Or Samsonov at 2.2 mill compared to Lucic now.

Guys under 25 have seen their contracts go astronomical on their second deals.

hope this info was interesting... if not then sorry

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