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11-17-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Hitchslap View Post
I bought a shinny pass from the rec center a couple years back and never had to use it. No one ever came around asking for them so I just hopped in the dressing room and played. Be careful though, the dressing rooms don't get locked and there are usually a few sketchy people playing. The first time I went out for one of these at grand trunk, some idiot started mouthing off to me about my car(called me an idiot for paying too much, which is simply just not true) in the dressing room while he was driving a 90's era rusted out grand prix. He was a complete *******. He went missing about half way through the game, and after we came back to the room we noticed my buddy's iPhone got stolen. I had hid mine in my shoes fortunately, but definitely leave your valuables in your car.

I picked up a shooter tutor at pro hockey life for the ODR. I went out probably 4 times a week last year and never once came across a goalie.
sorry dude that sucks. my experiences have been great. whenever i have gone there has always been goalies. most nights there were so many that my friend couldn't play(hes a goalie). in my experience the people have been good too. they're all there to have fun and play hockey. i suck but i think as long as i try hard they appreciate it.

leaving valuables in the car is probably best. better safe than sorry.

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