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11-17-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by JWK View Post
Michu yo.
Like a Boss!

Originally Posted by BrickAHL View Post
He never did.
Me and you are no longer on speaking terms.

Originally Posted by Nzap View Post
Now, if you someplace can watch the Norwich City- ManU game I recommend you to do so.

That was the most pathetic display of a team with that kind of players for a long time. (ManU that is)
It obviously didn't help that the 3 midfielders in the end had the combined age of about 110.
Yeah, those should get it going and bring energy......
Their mid is in shambles and has been for awhile it still amazes me they do well in tournaments.

Messi needs only 7 to tie Muller (85G) for most goals in a calendar year. BTW

I also read Fergi is sniffing around Lamela wants him in the winter transfer window. Please NOOO!

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