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11-17-2012, 05:17 PM
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Sounds like Don doesn't deal well with dissension in the ranks.

“In the last conference call, a player asked Don why he was learning details of the NHL’s last proposal through the media and not via Don or the players in attendance,” an NHL player told “Don and some other players called that player out and basically embarrassed him for asking that.”

Now to be fair, since I criticized Brooks and his unsourced sources, I'll do the same here with this article. Hard to know what really happened and the author does say that in the next paragraph. But, if true, not good.

Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
Sources are saying that Ed Snider is now in the anti-lockout group.

Some things I want to note: the report indicates that there's a (unsourced) growing sentiment that a team like TB might not survive long term. This idea needs to be stamped out before it does end up effecting confidence in the team's future. (Just don't let the league do this. They've screwed up enough for one negotiation)

The report also says that Bill Clinton's name has been discussed as a possible mediator. I don't think the league or PA would want their situation compared to the Oslo I Accord.
Too late for the bolded I'm afraid. It's all over the place. The usual suspects are doing cartwheels.

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