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11-17-2012, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by billvanseattle View Post
Anyone know how many teams are currently losing money. I understand its something like 20 of them. Certainly for those teams playing hardball makes sense.

And I am pissed that the players suggest that they agree to a 50-50 split if the league revenues keep growing. In other words, teams like Vancouver will have to keep screwing the fans every year. My tickets have a face value of $185 ... which I can't afford but I have friends who will pay it. 4 seats, 45 games = $38,500 without playoffs. IIRC I had a stub from 1993 around - $30 a seat.

Infaltion in that preiod has been a total of 60%. And the teams with poor capacity can't raise their prices much, they will lose more than they gain. So it will have come from the 5 - 6 rich teams.

Sorry, the players aren't going to be playing until they accept a real linkage to actual revenues, and agree to a smaller share ... say 54% this year, then 53%, 52% 51% and finally 50% in the last year and every year thereafter.

I woud love to see a 50 game season every year but thats a different story.
That's really odd that 20 of 30 teams are losing money yet the league generates $3.3 billion in revenue. How much are teams spending?

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