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11-17-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by albatross View Post
Sounds like Don doesn't deal well with dissension in the ranks.

Now to be fair, since I criticized Brooks and his unsourced sources, I'll do the same here with this article. Hard to know what really happened and the author does say that in the next paragraph. But, if true, not good.

Too late for the bolded I'm afraid. It's all over the place. The usual suspects are doing cartwheels.
I know I've defended the PA a lot on here, but the NHLPA isn't a small organization. I don't know how the PA lets it's members know things, but getting the word around to ~700 players isn't going to be instantaneous, especially since they don't broadcast it themselves on tv, internets, or whatever.

It only takes one reporter to get his mitts on something and it's on twitter in seconds.

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