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Statistical analysis of star defenseman in NHL

Hey everyone,

I had some free time today so and I recently found a useful website for with or without you (WOWY) analysis.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it basically shows how Player X does with Player Y and how Player X does without Player Y so we can see the difference. In mine I'm actually looking at with Player X without Player Y versus Player Y without Player X.

I originally wanted to check this out because some fans have mentioned that Karlsson gets to play with Spezza which drastically improves his goals for. But then when I started that, I decided I may as well look at the other defenseman.

Here are the results. This lookas at:

Karlsson without Spezza
Pietrangelo without Backes
Chara without Seguin
Doughty without Kopitar
Weber without Suter
Suter without Weber

Suter and Weber are a pretty different comparison so I separated it, it's looking at something fairly different than the other 4, but I thought it would be interesting to see who really was "better" last year since a lot of people disagree.

So CF means Corsi For which measures all shots directed at the opponents net. CA means Corsi Against and is the opposite. GF is Goals For and GA is Goals Against. All measures are per 20 minutes.

So here are the results in words:

Ottawa had 6.85% more shots when Karlsson was on without Spezza than Spezza had without Karlsson. However, they scored 5.56% less. On the defensive side, they allowed 7.14% less shots and 11.89% less goals.

St.Louis had 0.56% more shots when Pietrangelo was on without Backes than Backes had without Pietrangelo. However, they scored 14.92% less. On the defensive side, they allowed 2.74% less shots and 4.43% less goals.

Boston had 2.48% less shots when Chara was on without Seguin than Seguin had without Chara. They also scored 24.67% less. On the defensive side, they allowed 3.47% more shots but allowed 13.14% less goals.

LA had 22.11% less shots when Doughty was on without Kopitar than Kopitar had without Doughty. They also scored 42.99% less. On the defensive side, they allowed 5.73% less shots and 31.68% less goals.

Weber and Suter are of particular interest, and from what these numbers show, Weber is just a much better player than Suter is, however, it's quite possible that this is capturing something different than that. It's possible that Suter is simply used in more of a shutdown role when they are down a goal while they try and use Weber to go out there and score goals more often maybe playing with Ellis or something - I really don't know, maybe some Nashville fans can chime in. Sample size is also small since they only played 200 minutes apart.

And by the way, it would actually appear that Spezza makes the least difference on their respective defenseman than does any of the other players in this study in terms of both goals and corsi. Food for thought.

Anyway, feel free to discuss.

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