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11-17-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Hypothetical Question:

If there is no season, the Jets win the lottery, and have the 1st pick in the draft - selecting Nathan MacKinnon seems to be a logical choice.

But CBJ dangles multiple 1st rd picks in a trade, possibly their own top 5 pick and one or two more top 25 picks (from NYR and LA) - or something that makes it reasonably plausible, for arguments sake.

Do you use the 1st pick to grab MacKinnon, or take the multiple 1st rd picks in a deep draft - that could be Monahan or Barkov or Drouin and ???
I don't know. Alot of people are hailing mackinnon as basically another Crosby, and keeping ahold of that draft pick has worked out pretty well for the Pens. I like the idea that he could immediately affect this roster.

However, looking at the Pens now, I'd say that they are currently rocking an Incomplete roster. Their D is very weak outside Letang and outside of Crosby, Malkin and Neal, their scoring is rather limited in the depth department.

While I believe that the Jets have a pretty good depth overall, there's no denying that there is holes. 2nd pairing and 3rd pairing D notably. Lets not sugar coat it here, Stuart is not getting any younger and will need to be replaced sooner rather then later. Hainsey is past his prime, and we could do better elsewhere.

Behind Wheeler on RW we have Wellwood, or Burmi. Both of which seem to have found a bit of niche on the third line. Wellwood will probably stay there, and Burmi MAY develop into a second line player. I do realize that both are actually centres, but that's who we have that can alot into that position. I think it's great that we have Jokinen until Scheifle is ready...but that does leave us with that hole on the RW.

There may be some wisdom in being able to make multiple first round picks to be able to fill those holes when previously said players have reached their best before date, as it were.

However, it could be a season, or two or maybe three before those players actually begin to make an impact on the roster. They could enter in right away, but the later picks probably won't.

Defense and wingers can also be fixed via trade or free agency.

I think I'd go for MacKinnon personally. I just think that that's the better move for the franchise and will provide that star power we need to put us over the top.

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