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11-17-2012, 06:06 PM
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Finally got my team to where i want it this week getting zetterberg for 60k and perry for 35k.

Zetterberg-Kesler(c -21k)-Kessel(a -30k)
Hall(31k)-Gretzky (sc edition)-Perry
Landeskog(3k)-Duchene(29k)-Pavelski(850 1hrmark)

Phaneuf(a -20k) Burns (9k)
Suter (7.5k) Doughty (20k)
Keith (16k) Weber (23k)

Sotw Brodeur (15k)
Ward is penciled in here for now b/c i picked him up this week for 21k but i may switch him out for someone like sotw varlamov who can be trained to 99 for playoffs like someone else on here has talked about or someone i prefer more personally. I figure the goalies in the 89-91 range all give you a good chance so you may as well use your favourites.

I got this team without buying any packs with real money got a couple with pucks at the start, got crap and only played the market since. I have most of these guys because i got steals (nowadays anyways) on them or others and then flipped for em. I put a few prices on here beside some guys to show what a paid and how much the market has changed.

This team is a blast to use, 98 chemistry. Only line that isnt 99 is Getzlafs but I like playing with those guys. Any suggestions, tweaks i should make, switch c or a's? Duchene is a beast would love to try some sotws of these guys.


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