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11-17-2012, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Daly, via AP:
Lets face it, Daly and the owners have a date somewhere and its clearly not in the next couple of weeks- maybe mid December (I have to think if they even want a season it would make sense to have a game in 2012); however, if both sides really had balls- and they don't, they would agree on one thing- A GO ****YOUSELF DATE.

They should agree that no deal by December 15th its over- nothing, cue up 'See You in September (maybe)'

its like a term paper due date with a teacher who aint messing around.

This is crap and the only good news for people that even care is 'we are one day closer to settlement.'

As for Ed Snyder- unless he got his hands on Harry Potter's sorcerers stone he aint living forever, and this is a pretty big blow to his favorite thing in life as he counts down to being 80 (I was going to say octarion but not sure if that is being 80 or a car)

The owners only will really talk whenever that date is, but I'd think its probably knowing how arrogent some of them are in February- can still get playoffs in and reap all that money

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