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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Prove it? Are you serious?
You mean, I'm asking people to show proof of their opinions? How rude of me....

Poisons have warnings because they have been proven to harm you. Food and medicine allergies as well. But, without proof that steroids help a player hit a ball and heal faster, you have nothing.

Mind you, you still need to know how to hit for it to make a difference, I can't take roids and suddenly know how to hit. But before Bonds took roids, he was still a great hitter. Roids just made him hit the ball further.
You are taking an individual and assuming his power surge benefited from steroids, when independent studies have proven steroids don't do anything for hitting a baseball farther. Do you really think those water shots would have been outs if he wasn't on drugs?

You can't just take individual success and attribute it to a placebo.

But if borderline MLB'ers take roids, nobody will notice.
So, when players take them and aren't great, they're borderline mlb'ers? It can't be that the pills and shots don't really work, right? We can just pick and choose who they work for and who they don't?


It's why I laugh at people who suggest Bautista takes steroids because he went from a career high of 16 home runs to 54. That's not how steroids work. They aren't magic.
Of course they aren't, which is why it's stupid to try and attribute them to any players success.

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