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11-17-2012, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by marty111 View Post
I don't know why you are surprised. I only put variables out there since more than the Leafs are potential destinations.

I stated reasons I think Gillis has to trade Luongo and that Lu has more control than most people predict.

I stated other reasons (for the Leafs perspective) why Burke has other options available to him.

That's all. I don't get why people are assuming my two posts meant that Vancouver is screwed and can be taken advantage of? I meant to point out some valid realities that exist in the current circumstances. Perhaps had I posted what I thought Lu's value was than not many would be up in arms?

Anyway, Lupul [depending on circumstances], a potentially higher 1st round pick in 2014 [exchange], a B Prospect like Colbourne and a short term cap dump in Lombardi is pretty good value for both sides so I am glad we agree.

Vancouver picks up some useful upgrades [current and futures] from Toronto but not at the expense of Toronto's young assets, retainable core pieces or 1st in 2013. Toronto upgrades with Lu. Win ,win.
It's because when you put forward ideas/solutions/sources you are adding integrity to your posts. When you speculate without tangible facts/examples people do not respect what you say.

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