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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
Notes from the game:

I was the brown guy behind the marlies bench with a phaneuf jersey, i think i came up in the cam when the dance crew was there lol.

Kadri was playing a nice game but great for skills his other parts of the game has improved but not to the point I'd personally he's fully ready for the NHL. However for a young kid breaking the ice in the NHL, he's ready. He's bulkier than before too but he needs more strengthening for sure. I was so pissed that he missed a goal JUST by an INCH! Stupid post.

Colborne definitely exited more earlier than I've wanted however this guy is special he has his limelight stolen from Kadri but he's a good one folks. Believe it with a bit more polish he will be a solid addition. He doesn't seem like much or doesn't show that flash but trust me he has that skill more so than people think so IMO. Maybe that's what the hidden potential people were talking about.

Gards is all but done as I've said in the AHL what's expected of him. He's shooting more and slowly getting more points, need I say more? He's ready for the bigs and I hope he works on that pass.

Blacker was good but there were times he just seemed a bit out of place IMO.

Mckegger only proved my idea that it's going to be a while before he is ready for the bigs IMO. He was absolutely gassed up at one point, where he had to switch early after taking some good strides, his acceleration has improved a LOT though, assuming due to his training under Underhill.

Ryan was an absolute beast, score or not he will be a hockey player. He did everything right and was just great, from blocking shots to taking hits for your players (stortini). He is a guy who doesn't take crap if your teammate is getting picked on, loved him when he stood up for Acton.

D'amigo is slowly getting there but it seems that eakins is mostly putting him in the areas of defense rather than the offense this time around, he was great on the PK.

Brad Ross with the limited time he played was a beast, killed people several times and was chirping on and off lol. I met up with him after the game, he's a really chill dude and totally the opposite of how he is on the ice.

Holzer looked good as well and as ready as he can be for the NHL bottom pair.

Mike Kotska is an awesome dude off the ice as well lol. We met up with his friends lol they were going crazy hahah. He's built but he's shorter than I have thought, so it might be a harder for him to crack in the NHL more so that I had initially thought.

Speaking of height...Jesus Aucoin is short man lol.

Last but not least...Scrivens.....oh how good you were till that stupid stupid ass powerplay screw up....GARDS WAS ON YOUR LEFT DAMN IT !!! Anyways he was quiet but good IMO, showed the older patient form compared the past few starts.

If there are any player or prospects that I have missed, tell me and I should be able to tell you about them from the game.

Edit: Deschamp was good for that goal but man was he quiet afterwards lol.
Yup notes look good. Acton played well defensively and I'm glad we were able to get the win without Frattin. Ranger played quietly yet solidly.

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