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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Congrats on woefully missing the point too.

Mazz was railing against Sabrematicians that say batting average doesn't matter. So what do they say matters? On base.

So how did Mazz argue his point? By giving you two players with the same OBP. There isn't a ****ing stats guy that wouldn't agree with Mazz's silly hypothetical. If both guys are at 350 OBP everyone would take the 300 hitter, obviously. It is such a "no ****" argument that it is dumb and doesn't prove his point or disprove the batting average isn't that important guys.

he needed to give a hypothetical like a 250 average with a 400 OBP vs a 300 hitter with a 350 OBP for it to have any merit.
I always thought Sabremeticians preached WAR and UZR and all that incalcuable head ache inducing math? OBP has been around forever. maybe they just emphasize it more then others do? is that all it takes to be a Sabreman? just take a stance on an underappreciated stat? I'll say that i think batting average with runners in scoring position in games decided by under 3 runs past the 7th inning is the most important thing to determine clutch play. no one ever calculates something that is that specific. yet perhaps it will tell a story...

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