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Originally Posted by Killion View Post

... Morenz absolutely, but only for one game. Im convinced he would be a bore. Tool box limited. Not enough "trix". Same thing with Shore. He was all about angles. Positioning. Economy of movement. A marathon man. Sort of like Bob Baun or any number of defensive oriented defenceman of the Leafs 60's era.... Tough as nails sure, but lacking the size, heft. Overcompensated by being mean, nasty, dirty. That in & of itself is entertaining I suppose. Not my idea of "fun, wow" though.
Wait a minute, are you saying Shore was a defensive defenseman? He was known for end to end rushes, especially for the first 1/2 or 2/3 of his career. For the first half of the century (up to 1950), Shore is 4th among defensemen all-time in goals and GAG%. He's 3rd all-time in all the other offensive categories. Second all-time in PIMs. He was also 5'11" / 190 lbs. Small by todays standards but that would've been considered about average for his day.

I dunno but that sounds like a pretty exciting player to me.

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