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Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
Ehhh, that execution is not "just execution", very, very few players in the world are capable of doing exactly that. If anyone else. Or as Arsene Wenger put it: "it's impossible for a normal athlete".
That's my thinking on the goal. Just making that kick is something that very few players could pull off. At that distance, and the essential 'no-look' on the play, it is a very very difficult shot to pull off. The goalie wasn't in the net, but there was a defender right there who still almost got a piece of it. Put a little less on that shot and he probably clears it out just short of the line. It really is a pretty ridiculous goal as so few could pull off such a shot given the chance.

Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
Although I would put Messi as the best player, Zlatan's biggest asset is his ability to score, to score in important moments, and his way of seeing the field in a Zidanesque way, creating chances out of nothing with a one-touch. The thing is his kind of "flashiness" puts fear into any defense. You can just never tell what will happen with him around. There is a reason it's now customary that any team playing Sweden has a video session solely devoted to Zlatan.
The other thing that adds to it for him seems to how he does what he does (especially these great 'athletic' type plays) with his size. You don't usually see guys that are that tall that can make these kind of plays. It makes it look more "flashy" to an extent just because it is that much rarer to see a guy with that build do what he does.

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