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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
Pitlick and Hamilton look like busts right now. Neither look close at all to being NHL players and have shown absolutely zero at the AHL level to suggest they will get there. Both are bad AHL players. Now I haven't done the research on it, and honestly wouldn't even know where to start, but I would love to see how many players become valuable contributing NHL players after such abysmal starts to their pro careers.

I remember we had hopes for Pitlick becoming a Ryan Kesler like player for us. Well he isn't even close to what kind of a player Kesler was at the same age. He is miles away from being any form of a scoring threat at any sort of pro level.

You can say that neither Rajala or Cornet have any chance at being NHLers for this team, well I say at this point they have as much a chance as Pitlick/Hamilton. At least they have both shown that they can score at a pro level. Something the other two haven't even had a sniff at.
Pitlick if all else fails can be a 3rd/4th line NHLer that adds physical play and grit to your team while not being a slug on the ice. What do Rajala and Cornet bring unless they miraculously become 2nd line NHLers? Hamilton may very well bust, TBH I am very concerned with him at this point. However they both have 2 more years beyond this one before they become waiver eligible. I am not ready to write off either of these guys or Martindale since they have basically 2 3/4 years to get bigger/stronger/better before we potentially lose them on waivers and all 3 potentially add size and grit. Hamilton is a guy that IMO might be best served to get top line, PP and PK minutes in Stockton for 20-30 games or at least until the lockout ends. Pitlick on the other hand needs to play in the AHL and hone his game there.

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