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11-17-2012, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Roy S View Post
Right. Who has more authority in assessing a player's value? Those that do it for a living and get insight from both scouts and advanced stats or those who get paid solely to play the game well and not for their ability to determine how valuable offense, defense and base running are? I frankly don't see why the player's opinions would matter that much. Pitchers might have insight that Cabrera is a better pure hitter and there won't be much argument there. But, they aren't going to know how much weight to put on his decided disadvantage in defense and base running relative to his advantage in hitting.
You don't think players put a value on defense and baserunning? I think players have a pretty good idea of what to think of other players, though they understand it and express it on a different level than number crunchers. When you play, you have a different appreciation for what's going on and for what someone is, or isn't, doing.

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