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11-17-2012, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Mikey88 View Post
It works every time so you must have lost every game 8-0 right vs us right? -_- Are you not in 1st place? Quit whining Mr. high-slot-short-side-top-shelf-toe-drag-wrist-shot spammer. Watch a hockey game once in a while and learn a new move.
I don't understand where the 8-0 comment comes from.. I stopped most of them, but the ones I didn't you scored, because its all you try. It's funny that you accuse me of using "high-slot-short-side-top-shelf-toe-drag-wrist-shot" when I'm pretty sure that's just called sniping. I mean really, you're saying me shooting top shelf from the slot is cheating!? You're dumber than I thought. I haven't had any complaints about sniping Gino's.. That's the point of the game. Maybe you should brush up on the rules of this game you claim to know so much about..

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